The Ultimate Course For an Empowered Birth Experience

In 6 easy to follow Modules, learn exactly what to do to have an Empowered Birth Experience.

6 Workshop Topics in The BirthPrep Yoga Course

Each Lesson (10 - 15 minutes long) is followed by a 45-60 minute prenatal yoga class for all trimesters on the same theme.

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The BirthPrep Yoga Course Works,

100% Guaranteed.

After teaching and hearing from hundreds of 1st, 2nd, 3rd time (or more) moms who who have completed this course - I know, THIS COURSE WORKS FOR PREPARATION & EMPOWERMENT. 

In fact, if you complete the course and do not feel you had an empowered birth experience post birth, a full refund will be given. 

That's the guarantee of BirthPrep Yoga. 

But you have to do the course and give yourself at least 2 weeks to complete it.

Bonus Section: 

Meet the 10 GUEST SPEAKERS & their topics that are an optional part of the BirthPrep Yoga course.

In short, easy to follow videos, learn¬†useful tips from these professionals that will become part of your birthing (and mothering) toolkit to feel ready and empowered for birth and the postpartum period.¬†ūüõ†ÔłŹ

Melissa Dessaules

Learn about the pelvic floor and perineum (and how and when to do a perineal massage) with Melissa Dessaules, a registered physiotherapist & Founder of  The Pelvic Floor Project Podcast .

Lynn Orsak 

Learn about the pelvic floor, where most women tear in birth and how to avoid tearing with Lynn Orsak, a registered physiotherapist.


Michelle Campbell

Learn about pelvic pain and what you can do about it with Michelle Campbell, registered physiotherapist (MPT, BKin). Michelle also talks about Pelvic girdle pain (PGP), lightning crotch and cramping during pregnancy.

Ashley Courtney

Learn the common positions that babies are in the pelvis and what you can do to help with the positioning of your baby with Ashley Courtney, Registered Midwife. Ashley also shares different laboring positions to try.

Liz Stanford

Learn about hypnobirthing and the power of positive thinking with The Calm Birth School owner Liz Stanford. Liz holds a certification in hypnotherapy, is a Mindset Coach, NLP Coach and Practitioner.

Cammie Ouellette

Learn what to expect when you get a C-Section, with a walk through of what happens and how you can prepare yourself before, during, after and your steps to recovery with Cammie Ouellette, Registered Midwife, who has assisted at hundreds of C-Sections.

Amanda Stevens

Learn about your spine and posture during pregnancy  and what causes low and upper back pain and what you can do with Dr Amanda Stevens, Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), MS(ACN) BS(KIN).

Elizabeth Joy

Learn how to find a supportive birth team and how to advocate for yourself to make the birth you want happen with Elizabeth Joy, Birth Doula CD (DONA), Prenatal Coach (CPC) 

Lindsay Taylor

Learn what to eat during pregnancy to help with labor and in the postpartum period with Lindsay Taylor (, an author, doula and nutrition coach.

Alex Wachelka

Learn learn the importance of a good latch, how to get a good latch & strategies for a good start in your breastfeeding journey with Alex Wachelka, a breastfeeding and lactation consultant.

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Imagine knowing exactly what to do to have an empowered birth experience.

Having an empowering birth experience kick starts your motherhood journey. Just like Stefanie, who purchased this course and used it with her 2nd birth.

"I learned so many helpful tips for labor and delivery from BirthPrep Yoga! I had a little boy and a very, very quick labor & delivery (there was no time for an epidural - which I never had the confidence I could deliver without one).

I remember very quickly panicking, thinking: 

"How was I going to get through birth without one?"

But then just as quickly, remembering everything I learned in the BirthPrep Yoga Course.

I honestly wish I had this knowledge for my first pregnancy/delivery! 

Thank you very much for everything you taught me in this course!"

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Your Baby, Your Birth, Your Course

Once you purchase this course ($247 USD) it's yours for keeps. Which is great if you need a refresher for another baby or want to ease back into exercise (and do the yoga classes) postpartum.

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