Hello, I'm Hannah Day.


I'm the mother of two daughters and I've been teaching prenatal yoga  for over a decade. 


Empowering mothers is my jam.


Think of me as your birth coach in your back pocket, giving you tools and cheering you on, so you can have an empowering birth experience (for your 1st, 2nd or more babies).


Because every mother deserves to feel powerful when she brings life into this world.

My Story+ Qualifications


In 2021, I took my expertise online and created BirthPrep Yoga, an easy-to-follow roadmap for an empowered birth experience (and moms loved it!)

I am excited and honored to  empower moms around the globe to step into their power when it comes to birth.


PS~ Interested in my qualifications?

🗸 I am certified RYT® 500, E-RYT® 200, RPYT®

🗸 Nominated Best local Yoga Teacher

🗸 Nominated Business Women of the Year 2022 (Canadian SME National Business Awards)

🗸 2021 - Women in Tech Award presented by Moneris

🗸 Nominated in Canada’s top 100 businesses in the Total Mom Pitch 2021

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