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Mom & Baby Yoga

This collection of 6 postpartum recovery Mom & Baby Yoga videos will kickstart your healing journey from the inside out.


☑️6 Modules (6 Mom & Baby Yoga classes that were taught with live, newly-postpartum parents via Zoom) that will help you to understand the muscles we need to target to re-build our cores in a mindful way.

☑️ 6 Handouts for each group of muscles to understand where they are and how to target them.

Best of all, these classes are meant to do with your baby! 

We will sing, tickle, clap and integrate baby in each yoga class. You will learn fun songs/ nursery rhymes (that will soon become your baby’s favorites).

*These classes are best suited for pre-crawling babies.
*These classes are not suited for pregnancy.
*Be sure to get clearance from your healthcare provider to exercise before you begin.

Yoga classes are between 42-50 minutes-long and once you purchase, yours to enjoy again and again as your baby grows.

Learn about these 6 muscle Group themes:

Class 1: The Pelvic Floor

Class 2: The Transverse Abdominis

Class 3: Obliques

Class 4: Glutes

Class 5: The Psoas and Iliacus (Hip Flexors)

Class 6: The Rectus Abdominis (Six-Pack Muscles)

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What People Are Saying:

Hannah is great! You can really tell when you take the class she's very experienced with yoga and with helping guide moms through postpartum! I learned some great new songs and ways to play with my little one! One of the yoga moves that involved my baby was how I learned to make him laugh for the first time!


I love the great songs and activities for baby. Hannah is amazing, her classes help with the post natal body. My body always feels great and my spirit relaxed after class.


Hannah is a clear and patient teacher, sharing lots of fun rhymes and moves to do with baby - the first time my baby giggled was actually during her class, and still weeks later, LOVES and laughs with these moves!

- Danielle